Andrea J. Ramsay, MD

Andrea J. Ramsay, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine


As a young girl, Andrea J. Ramsay had a dream and desire to become a special kind of Doctor. Growing up in Miami, Florida, second oldest of 5 children she worked diligently to attend the University of Florida and St. George’s University School of Medicine and earn her Doctorate of Medicine. Dr. Ramsay gained broad educational experience with Rotations in Newark, NJ, Wards Island, NY, Morristown, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. As Dr. Ramsay was deciding her specialty she pursued training in Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Plastic Surgery.

Family Medicine became her true calling. After spending a year in Buffalo, NY for Family Medicine Internship, she came back home to complete her residency at the University of Miami. The Jackson Memorial experience gave her the comfort to fluently speak medical Spanish. After completing her Residency, she signed on in Pembroke Pine’s reputable multi-purpose practice. Ramsay practiced Family Medicine as well as Medical Research. This is where she focused on management of chronic, medical illnesses, health prevention, minor surgical procedures, cosmetics and rejuvenation with Botox & Fillers, hormone replacement as well as weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

Dr. Ramsay’s 3 Basic Principles:
#1.: Golden Rule. “Treat the patient like you want to be treated and treat them like they are family.”
#2. Live a Healthy and Spiritual Life. Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.
#3. Keep it simple. “Medicine and Insurance companies can get very complicated. It is my job to be a wise filter. I am here to understand, help diagnose, and treat and provide the best quality care for each and every patient."

Dr. Andrea J. Ramsay is board certified in Family Medicine and has 14+ years of experience. She continues training in Integrative Medicine including Ayurvedic Healing, Nutrition and Guided Visualization/Hypnotherapy. As her practice grows she will bring in additional practitioners to integrate and assimilate various innovative treatment options and continue the advancement for overall health and well – being.

"I am passionate about living my life’s purpose in healing and creating a safe loving environment for my patients. I want to build healthy lives that are productive in all aspects of their lives so we all make this world a better place to live, learn, yearn, love and prosper. First for ourselves, then our families, community, state, nations and universe."

One of Dr. Ramsay’s biggest accomplishments is Motherhood. Dr. Ramsay is a blessed and devoted Mother of two beautiful girls.

Dr. Ramsay loves the outdoors, travel, nature hikes, walks on the beach, meditating, music/chanting, photography, live musical/theatrical performances, home cooking, rain showers and springtime.





8320 W Sunrise Blvd Suite 105, Plantation, FL 33322

Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm

P (954) 797-3887 F (954) 533-5837

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