Fernando Fandiño Sende, M.D.

Fernando Fandiño Sende, M.D.

Personal Information

  • SpecialtyLead Medical Director
  • Practicing Since1980
  • Title:Chief Medical Officer

Fernando Fandiño Sende is a cardiologist with 32 years of experience. He was born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), a town famous for its pilgrimage in Europe, and now all over the world. He graduated from Santiago Medical School (Facultad de Medicina) and came to the USA in 1980 to work as a post- doctoral fellow in genetics at the University of Pennsylvania. Next, he did his internal medicine training at Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Philadelphia and his cardiology fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach.

Dr. Fandiño Sende was in the cardiology teaching staff at Mount Sinai as well as an attending in the department of Echocardiography. Dr. Fandiño Sende also had his own private practice at Mount Sinai for over ten years where he cultivated a strong relationship with his patients and the community. Recently he has held the position as Associate Director for a Medicare Advantage MSO located in Kentucky and Louisiana. Over the years Dr. Sende Fandiño has become an enthusiast of value-based medicine and has become diligent in patient care that will improve, sustain and give quality to the life of his patients. He has volunteered in the past to serve in Africa as the director of a NGO and enjoys being involved in foundations where he can make a positive impact on others and the community.

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