Salvador Torres-Torres PA-C

Salvador Torres-Torres PA-C

Personal Information

  • SpecialtyPrimary Care
  • Board Certifications• National Commission Certification on Physician Assistant Board Certified
  • Practicing Since:1995

Salvador Torres-Torres has been a physician assistant practicing in south Florida since 2007 and previous location as: Louisiana and Texas. He attended the University of Puerto Rico, undergraduate school and was accepted to George Washigton College of Physician Assistant from which he graduate in 1995. Attended graduate school at University of Nebraska and graduated in 1999 with a Master degree and specialty on Family Medicine. On 2001 obtain a doctorate degree on Health Sevices Management.

Salvador Torres Torres served the US Navy as active duty and US Air Force in the reserve, with 26 years. Awarded with high merits as an US Navy and Air Force officer and distinguish himself for various missions during his military career. He also traveled to New Orleans to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. Who’s who in Health Care Services awarded honored him twice because of his contributions as a provider in the south Texas and Florida community.

He’s passion to help people and treat them as family. “When you make a difference, You will always be in everyone’s heart and mind”. He is passionate about medicine and treat every field of family medicine with respect and compassion.

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