healow TeleVisits deliver an in-office experience with online ease.

Telemedicine Call healow Patient Portal Instructions

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How To Use Our Telemedicine App

To install healow application:



Before the first step you need to make sure you are web enabled with our practice
Contact us first 844-954-3627 or email your name and date of birth to: telemed@associatesmd.com requesting a telemedicine log in.

Step 1

Open App Store® from your iPhone® or Google PlayTM from your Android phone

Step 2

Type healow app in the search box.

Step 3

Tap "Get" in the App Store or "Install" in Google Play: This installs the application to your phone. Note: Make sure the application you are installing is the one developed by eClinicalWorks, LLC.

Step 4

Tap Open

Initializing a TeleVisit

Step 1

Open the healow app, and tap GET STARTED:

Step 2

Accept the location notification

Step 3

Enter the Practice Code: JIDJCA

Step 4

Enter the login credentials provided by the practice and tap Login, you need to make sure you already setup you access to the portal. If not please call us.

Step 5

Accept the following in-phone notifications: ◆ Camera ◆ Microphone

Step 6

Create and confirm a 4-digit PIN of your choice

Step 7

Enter your phone number and confirm the text code sent by text

Step 8

On the wheel screen, tap APPOINTMENTS

Step 9

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Start TeleVisit

Step 10

Enter your vital signs and tap Submit Vitals


healow TeleVisits deliver an in-office experience with online ease. TeleVisits are perfect for pre-op consultations, quick post-op checkups, and many routine encounters. Providers have access to all the clinical tools available at a regular in-office visit. And TeleVisits are secure and fully integrated into your EHR and patient records.

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