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Daniel McGee, D.O. along with Carissa Vega, L.D. both combined have years of experience with helping patients lose weight and get healthy through exercise and solid eating plans. They have successfully treated thousands of women and men in the AssociatesMD Plantation office reach their weight loss goals.

HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) is a novel and exciting addition to the available treatments for weight loss. We are the weight loss experts and do not teach low calorie diets that will starve you. Our weight loss plan is a modern updated version of this popular diet plan. Why starve yourself just to gain the weight back? We want you to learn long term healthy eating habits. We want you to use the HCG as a jumpstart to get the motivation needed to move forward with your weiht management goals.

What is the HCG Diet?
HCG is a hormone that is normally produced in pregnant women. It is used by the body to protect and nourish the developing fetus. About 50 years ago Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that HCG could be used for the treatment of obesity in men and non-pregnant women. His patients received a daily injection of the HCG for 40 days and followed a strict diet. He found that the typical symptoms found on the low calorie diet did not happen when the HCG was used, most notably there were no hunger pains, headaches, weakness or irritability. The HCG prevents this from happening and allows the body to get an adequate amount of calories from fat stores.

How much weight can I lose and how fast?
The answer is every patient will vary based on how much they have to lose and want to lose.
It also varies on age, sex, and lifestyle choices like exercise. Our patients typically lose 20-25 pounds in 40 days for women and slightly more for men.

HCG Delivery System and Getting Started
Subcutaneous HCG is how we offer the HCG. HCG i.u. injected into the fat tissue of the abdominal area via insulin syringe. Dr. McGee and his staff will begin by evaluating your medical history, lab tests, EKG and nutritional evaluation.

What is the diet plan like?
The plan consists of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Our plan is different than most HCG plans as it is not as restrictive and allows our patients to maintain their weight and adjust easier after the plan. We allow dairy, most fruits, all vegetables, and even a sweet treat. We can make adjustments even for vegetarians.

In the Plantation office of AssociatesMD we want to get you to a healthier you. We offer many different plans for those that chose not or cannot do the HCG and for those looking to lose more after the 40 days.

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