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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Heart Health Over the Holidays

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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Heart Health Over the Holidays

Did you know that one-third more cardiac events occur between December and January, according to The Heart Foundation?

As cardiology and urgent care specialists, our team at AssociatesMD, with seven locations throughout South Florida, wants to help you avoid heart-related interruptions to your festivities. We’ve gathered eight tips for maintaining your heart health over the holidays. 

1. Manage your stress

You already live a hectic life, so the added hustle and bustle of the holiday season can subtly boost stress. There’s party planning, extra shopping, unexpected social invitations, late nights, and once-a-year indulgence. 


Make some priorities and be prepared to say no when necessary to control your time and stress. Also, try to maintain a healthy sleep schedule through most of the season. 

2. Keep active

It’s easy to forget exercise during the busy holiday schedule. If you need to skip the gym, find 30 minutes a day to take a brisk walk (or two 15-minute walks) to keep moving. A quick walk also helps reduce stress. 

3. Watch your portions

Many favorite foods come out over the holidays, and that’s before you factor in any special restaurant dinners where you discover new favorites. The best way to ease the load on your body while still enjoying the culinary perks of the season is to minimize your portions. Have a taste — not a serving — to ensure you’re not overloading on rich food. 

4. Go easy on beverages

Everything goes down easy in good company. Sticking to one drink is often difficult, notably when your evening features more than one visit (and a designated driver). Watch out for eggnog, mulled ciders, and seasonal cocktails high in calories. Try a glass of wine and switch to sparkling water. 

5. Stow leftovers early

Remove temptation and pack away leftovers at the end of the meal to avoid the after-dinner snacking. 

6. Don’t skip meals

Leaving room for a highly anticipated feast seems like a way to control your intake, but it’s a poor strategy when trying to ease the burden on your heart. Instead, have a light breakfast and lunch so you don’t overindulge later in the day. 

7. Moderation is your friend

When in doubt, have less, leave early, and get enough sleep. The holidays are about enjoyment in all things. Be sure to balance the season and not let temptation lure you out of moderation. 

8. Be vigilant

It’s tempting to put health concerns temporarily aside for the holidays, but doing so can have serious consequences. Maintain your medication schedule and practice self-awareness. Your body gives you clues, so be alert and recognize them. Act, don’t dismiss, if you feel that something is wrong. 

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