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Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief

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Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief

Our hearts go out to the people of the Bahamas in their time of need. We are urging everyone to do whatever they can to help. Our locations will be drop off points for relief items. See the list for what is most needed. Donations can be made through

We are in need of

Life Jackets/Floatation Device Hand sanitizer Duct tape / packing tape
Large sturdy waterproof bags Medical gloves Solar flood lights
Heavy duty garbage bags Masks Hand saws
Solar fans/lights Diapers and Wipes Work gloves
Large tarps Baby food and formula Can openers
Chain saws Pedialite (powder packs) Sanitizer/Sanitizre wipes
Generators Gator aide/Electrolites/hydration powder Water purification devices
Fuel/oil for generators Rehydration salts Disposable plates and cups
Non perishable food items Tents Camp stoves
Dry formula and dry milk products Flashlight Butane tanks
Cleaning supplies Batteries (especially D) Utensils
Mold remediation items Matches/lighters Nails
Hygiene products Repellent Wrenches/Hammers/Tools
Feminine products Solar battery and solar chargers Candles
First add items and kits 30 gallon or larger storage containers with lids Pet food canned and dry
Advil, Tylenol etc for adults and children Plastic wrap Toilet paper

At this time we are in the Search, Rescue and Recovery phase and currently NOT accepting:

Clothing, furniture, bedding, toys, charcoal and wood.

Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief