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Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is here

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Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is here

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is here again, and we want you to be aware of some very important information as you consider your health plan options for next year:

Your AssociatesMD Physician will not be accepting Humana or Coventry in 2019. If you choose these plans we will not be able to continue serving you.

Your AssociatesMD Primary Care Physician will be accepting Original Medicare and the high-quality Medicare Advantage health plans from AvMed, FL Blue, HealthSun, Medica, Preferred, Simply, and United. Please learn about these plans and choose the one among them that best fits your individual needs.

No matter which Medicare health plan plan you currently have, your plans’ benefits will be different next year. These changes can impact your out-of-pocket expenses, your prescription drug coverage, and the doctors and hospitals you can access. We urge you to weigh your options and determine which health plan will be best for you in 2019.

We can help you get the information you need to determine which of these plans will best suit you in 2019. Please contact our Open Enrollment Helpline at 954-342-6202, email us at, or visit any of our locations.

We truly value you and our role in your well-being, and look forward to serving you long into the future.