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The Many Patient Benefits of Having a Primary Care Doctor

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The Many Patient Benefits of Having a Primary Care Doctor

Scroll through the internet or social media for even a few moments, and you’ll be inundated with hundreds of thoughts and bits of advice on how to get and stay healthy. Fortunately, modern technology has connected us with more access to health and wellness resources than ever. 


On the flip side, many now believe they can start and maintain their health journey all on their own.  


But we know you're missing a key piece of the puzzle if you don’t have a primary care doctor on your team.   

At AssociatesMD, our team of experienced primary care doctors helps you and your family take charge of your health, but we’re also here to step in when you need an expert’s advice. 

In this blog, we walk you through exactly what’s involved when you decide to partner with a primary care doctor.    

The ins and outs of primary care

Primary care, as the name suggests, is the main foundation of health care that addresses your current health needs and helps you take steps to avoid problems in the future. 

You can turn to our team of primary care physicians for just about anything regarding your health, and we’re often your first contact in the medical system when a problem arises. But we’re not just here for when things go wrong — you can call on us for preventive care to invest in your future health and keep you healthy through every phase of life.  

Should your health need advanced care for specific issues, we can refer you to other providers who specialize in certain areas and diseases.  

Why you need a primary care doctor

Having a primary care doctor may not seem necessary, but without our expertise in your corner, you simply aren’t getting the most out of your health and wellness journey. In addition to personalized care and treatment, you and your family can reap these amazing benefits. 

Patient-centered care

When you’re an established patient at AssociatesMD, you get the most compassionate and personalized health care experience possible.  

Each of our doctors and our support staff takes time to understand the finer details of your health history, starting with your first visit. That means you don’t have to hash out your details at every appointment.     

We track your health status through the years, making adjustments based on your specific needs. 


Since primary care is at the heart of the health care system, we’re often considered a one-stop shop. We handle everything from stuffy noses to chronic pain. Our team treats your needs as they come up and equips you with the tools to prevent problems from returning. 

Preventive care

Chronic disease is a threat to all (no matter how healthy you think you are), and because we know you and your health history so well, we can help you take steps to mitigate those diseases and illnesses you’re most at risk for. 

Efficient communication

Discussing your health concerns is easy at AssociatesMD. We have every detail of your past medical needs, which makes every appointment efficient and focused on you. 

Early detection

If you’re seeing us regularly, we can spot even the slightest change in your health status and deal with it proactively. With early detection and prompt treatment, you can sidestep or significantly reduce your chance of developing a chronic disease. 

With primary care, your health is in the best hands possible. We have everything you and your family need to maintain optimal health. 

If you’d like to connect with a primary care doctor and get started on your health journey, call our friendly staff or request an appointment online. We proudly serve those in the Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Weston, and Margate, Florida, areas.