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Adela Fernandez, MD

Primary Care


Adela Fernandez-Mirza, MD, is an experienced general surgeon at AssociatesMD in Plantation, Florida. Dr. Fernandez-Mirza joins the team from a diverse background with training in General Surgery. 

She attended St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, and after several medical missions abroad to Nigeria, Dominica, and Bolivia, she discovered her love of surgery. She began her residency training at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island, and completed it at the University of South Florida. 

She earned numerous awards and recognitions during her residency, including Humanism and Excellence in Teaching, induction into the Gold Humanism Honor Society, and Thoracic Advanced Techniques in VATS from Brigham & Women’s Hospital. She was the recipient of the Society of Thoracic Surgeon Scholarship. Her passion for medicine and surgery laid the groundwork for serving the underprivileged at home and abroad.

In addition to practicing medicine, she performs pro-bono work for political asylum seekers in countries where atrocities exist. She is committed to providing quality healthcare to her patients and seeks high standards for their care. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She has conducted research, co-published with world-renowned surgeons, and presented at national and international conferences. 

Among these publishings and presentations is breast-conserving therapy for breast cancer and gene therapy for lung cancer, as well as presented at the General Thoracic Surgery Club Conference in San Diego, California, and the European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery Conference in Nice, France.